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Tell Nader, Iraq



tell nader
Tell Nader - View from the South (Source: Nader B. Muhammad)

Tell Nader, Iraq


Situated in northern Iraq (Erbil, Kurdistan region), the occupation at Tell Nader appears to span the Chalcolithic down to the Middle/Neo Assyrian Period. New excavations led by Dr. Konstantinos Kopanias of the University of Athens, Greece began in 2011 (visit the project's website).

At the MAX Lab we have been working on a small group of obsidian from a later Neolithic – Early Chalcolithic (Ubaid) horizon, aiming to contribute to debates upon the long-term reconfiguration and expansion of obsidian exchange networks (Renfrew’s ‘cosmopolitan Chalcolithic’) in the context of emerging socio-economic complexity, evidenced by the appearance of sealing systems and gateway communities.